How to get the most wear out of your customized garments?

First and foremost, garment customization has been around for years, the techniques have improved considerably and  continue to get better.  Garment selection plays a critical role in the wear and appearance of any garment after multiple wears and washings.  Less expensive garments may shrink, fade or lose their shape easier than more premium garments.  

Garment customization can last for years, but of course like anything, the life of any customized garment will depend on how you care for them.

There are a variety of methods to customize garments in today's industry. The most popular are:
  • Direct Screen Printing.
  • Hot Split Transfers.
  • Thermal Film vinyl.
  • Direct-to-garment printing.
  • Embroidery.
Each of these techniques are highly durable and should easily provide 40-50+ washings with little to no degrading of print or stitching quality.

All of these customization printed processes require similar washing techniques to insure long lasting wear.

  1. Don't wash within the first 24hrs.
  2. Don't dry-clean.
  3. Wash garments inside out.
  4. Use cold or warm temperatures settings for wash.
  5. Use mild soaps and avoid using bleach.
  1. Dry on lower heat temperatures or air dry.
  2. Avoid using fabric softeners
  3. Dry garments inside out.

  1. Ironing is not recommended; however, if necessary always iron inside out or between two pieces of material.
  2. High temperatures, pressure or steam are not recommended.

Embroidery is far more forgiving when washing, drying and ironing. For best results: 
  1. Wash inside out.
  2. Wash on delicate cleaning cycle at lower temperatures.
  3. Dry on lower temperatures to prevent shrinkage around embroidered logo.
  4. Iron inside out.